Migration Protocol is the ideal partner for all stakeholders concerned with migration, its management, its regulation and specifically the wellbeing of the migrants.


We propose policies, recommendations and solutions to address major hurdles labor migrants faces throughout pre-departure, deployment and returnee reintegration.


Migration Protocol operates in South Asia and has been active in Nepal  since 2015. The next country of interest where we intend to offer our expertise is Bangladesh.

Message from the Founder

International migration has been recognized as one of the significant aspects of Globalization . The United Nations in their International Migration Report (2017), estimated the number of international migrants worldwide to 258 million, up from 220 million in 2010.  In 2016, migrants from developing countries employed abroad, sent home an estimated USD 413 billion in remittances. The majority of these foreign workers is semi or unskilled mostly occupied in dirty, demanding and dangerous (demeaning) occupations and though several benefits are associated with labor migration, including improvements in human, social and financial capital, migration comes at a cost such as exploitation, human trafficking, bonded labor and human rights abuses. As a second-generation migrant myself, I have benefited from my parents’ positive migration experience and as the founder of Migration Protocol I have the determination to promote safe, regular and orderly migration in collaboration with likeminded  partners to diminish the issues plaguing migration and maximize its positive outcomes for migrants.

~ Giuseppe Savino

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